Seize The Deal Spring Clearance Sale
On Thursday, March 21st, Seize the Deal Flint will have a "spring clearance" sale with all items half-off!

Aladdin's Cleaning in Lapeer - $100 certificate for carpet cleaning - just $50
American Tire in Flint - $18.95 Basic Oil Change for just $9
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What If Money Did Not Matter? [Video]
The late Alan Watts poses a simple question, "What if money were no object?"  The simple answer to this simple question just might help you sort out your complicated life.
Number Of Americans Who Can’t Afford Food Is Growing
Everyone knows that money is tighter now than ever, but its still surprising to see the results of a new survey about buying food.
Over 18 percent of Americans can name at least one instance in the past 12 months where they couldn't afford to buy food.
Most Of The Presidential Campaign Money Is Wasted
According to bipartisan sources, 80% of all campaign money is completely wasted.
Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama are raising unprecedented amounts of money for their presidential campaigns, and most of it won't matter at all according to a pair of strategists.

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