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Scary Movie 5 Looks Like Crap [Video]
The Scary Movie franchise has been on hiatus until now with Scary Movie 5 on the way and from the preview, it looks like crap.
At first I was sad because I was sure the Scary Movie franchise was dead. Now after seeing this trailer I wish it was dead. I'll hold my tongue until the movie comes out…
Will Smith Teams Up With His Son Jaden For ‘After Earth’ [Video]
Will Smith along with his son Jaden Smith team up to star in a new movie called After earth.
The movie revolves around Will and Jaden crash landing onto an alien planet and end up fighting just to survive. During the crash Will was injured and has to rely on his son to find resources. This movie is g…
Star Trek Into Darkness Movie Trailer Looks Hype! [Video]
The new 'Star Trek Into Darkness' movie trailer has dropped and gives us some hope on finally getting a decent movie in theaters!
It's no surprise that Hollywood is out of ideas. With all the reboots and crappy original ideas it's amazing that the movie theater is even still relev…
World War Z Trailer Looks Like the Next Epic Zombie Movie! [Video]
Brad Pitt stars in the up coming zombie apocalypse movie called World War Z, and I gotta say. You've never seen zombies like this!
This movie will definitely be a mile stone in the catalog in great zombie movies. I know that's a pretty bold claim, but after you watch this trailer. You'…
‘Here Comes the Boom’ a Mix of Comedy and MMA? [Video]
Kevin James stars as a teacher turned MMA fighter to raise money for his school. Kevin James is one of the funniest actors in Hollywood right now and it's awesome to see him commit to such a film while giving it a comedic twist.
Training in MMA is one of the hardest things you can do on this pla…
‘Mama’ Makes me Scared of Little Girls [Video]
Mama is a movie based on two little girls being lost in the woods for 5 years and then try to re-adjust back into society. Sounds easy enough right?
No! Turns out these little demon babies brought something back home with them. Paranormal activity style!
Killing Them Softly [Movie Trailer]
Brad Pitt stars in the upcoming movie 'Killing Them Softly' and it's looking pretty good! Not to mention one of my favorite actors of all-time The Soprano's star James Gandolfini.
This movie revolves Brad Pitt figuring out who orchestrated a heist on a local mob related poker game…

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