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Safe [Trailer]
Jason Statham is coming out with another action movie called Safe. The movie revolves around Statham protecting a little girl that looks really close to the little girl from 'The Grudge' from bad guys.
Now this is a new role for  Statham, this really shows his flexibility as an actor. Obviously that …
Dark Shadows [Trailer]
Johnny Depp drops his hate into the vampire ring and comes out swinging with his new movie Dark Shadows.
2 seconds into the video and you realize that Johnny has teamed up with his old friend Tim Burton to drop this movie. And if you've been living under a rock, every time Tim Burton makes a mov…
‘Men In Black 3′ Trailer Looks Promising [Video]
The third installment of the 'Men In Black' franchise is set to hit theaters this summer, and judging from the trailer, it looks pretty good.
The staples of the movie are back in place as Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones team up to solve another galactic mystery.
The Bourne Legacy [Trailer]
A new Bourne movie is on it's way with a new leading man.
Based on the idea that there was never just one super duper agent but two! Maybe more!
With Matt Damon out of the picture can the new leading man Jeremy Renner carry the torch?
‘The Amazing Spiderman’ Official Trailer
The latest installment in the Spiderman franchise now has an official trailer, and it looks dope.
'The Amazing Spiderman' has an all new cast and follows the comic story of 'The Ultimate Spiderman'.

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