Movie Trailer

Safe House [Trailer]
Denzel Washington plays a fugitive while rookie agent Ryan Reynolds is your typical CIA baby sitter. Stuck with a high profile target Ryan Reynolds better show his ass in this movie.
Because Green Lantern sucked.
Wrath Of The Titans [Trailer]
In this sequel to the 'Clash Of the Titans' all hell breaks loose when Ares gets mad at daddy (Zeus) and releases the titans. So you know what that means right?
They need a half human, half god to do the job. Wait a minute. Wasn't there already a movie like this that came out?
The Hobbit [Trailer]
So the Lord Of the Rings franchise decided they didn't make enough money off the last few movies so the writers got together and squeezed out another movie called The Hobbit.
I don't know if I can take another movie about a damn Hobbit. This is gonna suck.
‘In Time’ Movie Trailer [Video]
Justin Timberlake stars in the upcoming movie 'In Time'.  In this movie when you hit the age of 25 you must work for your time or die. But when a guy with way to much time on his hands gives it to a low life worker all hell breaks loose!
This movie has a great concept to it! Replace money with time a…
‘Soulja Boy: The Movie’ – Official Trailer [Video]
Love Soulja Boy or hate Soulja Boy, you can not deny the influence that he has had on music.
He has held almost every record that You Tube has to offer, and made his first million before he was 16.
Even if he never makes another hit record again in his life, his story will be one of the most interesti…
50 Cent’s New Movie “Setup” [Video]
Search 50 Cent on imdb and you'll see a bunch of movies that went straight to bootleg dvd.  Setup might be a different story though.  It has Bruce Willis in it, and from the trailer, it actually looks like  a decent story.  Check it out.
That Baby’s DRUNK! [Video]
I've watched this video about 100 times and I still laugh when she steals the food.  If you are having a bad day, watch this drunk baby and laugh.
Want To See The Green Hornet With Club 93.7?
Listen all weekend to win a pair of tickets to see "The Green Hornet" with Club 93.7 at Cinema Hollywood in Birch Run.  Club will get you in Wednesday night before anyone else.  Winning starts Friday morning during The Morning Rollout w/ Clay.  Check out the movie tr…