*New* Big Sean Ft. Chris Brown “My Last” [VIDEO]
Finally...(famous) boi a video from Detroit rapper Big Sean!! Sean released his official video with Chris Brown for his first single "My Last" I ran into Sean last week while at SXSW with Jon Connor and Sean said he couldn't wait for fans to see here you go!! NEW Big S…
What Are Your Top 5 Albums?
Last week I took a 27 hour road trip to Texas for SXSW. A huge movie and music festival they have every year. On our way there we got talking about are favorite albums of all time...and the question came up. If you could only have 5 albums for the rest of your life which five would you choose?? Reme…
Nicki Minaj, Rihanna & Justin Bieber Help Japan
In a world of Charlie Sheen's tiger blood, and Chris Browns window KO's its nice to see people using their fame for something good.  Nicki Minaj, Rihanna and Bieber are only a few of the stars who are appearing on tracks to raise money for Japan.
J. Cole Ft. Drake “In The Morning” Offical [VIDEO]
J. Cole is in the studio working hard on his first album and riding the wave of his latest mix tape "Friday Night Lights" In an interview last year K Dubb and I had a chance to ask Drake if he would ever work with Cole and his response was exactly what we thought it would be...YES! About s…

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