‘Movember’ Encouragement From Nick Offerman [Video]
'Movember' is a great month for men, because we have a great excuse to look like men.  Except for that awkward part where we are all waiting for our mustache to grow in properly, but don't worry, Nick Offerman has some simple words of advice.
Tom Selleck’s Mustache Is Everywhere [Video]
If someone told me that I could rock a mustache and a Tigers hat for the rest of my life, I'd be good.  Tom Selleck is one of my personal heroes for that reason alone.
This video actually reminds me of a mad scientists evil plot or something like that.
Scheming in his laboratory, filled with bunson bu…
Cricket Fan – More Like Swim Fan [VIDEO]
There's a man that comes and watches you while you sleep when your naughty. Don't believe me?  Here's PROOF that he exist!
I get the weird feeling that this guy is staring directly into my soul. He's know all the bad you've done in your life...