National Anthem

Brave Singer Falls While Performing National Anthem [Video]
Anytime you sing the national anthem, you should be prepared not to mess it up. One brave singer decided he was going to take the national pride and spice it up. The singer took a fall while performing the Canadian national anthem. Get ready to laugh.
Watch the Super Bowl National Anthem Mashup
Some of the favorite pop stars have delivered the national anthem at the Super Bowl. Alicia Keys is set to do the deed today (Feb. 3), following up last year's belter Kelly Clarkson. We hope Miss Keys delivers it flawlessly, which isn't always easy. Just ask Christina Aguilera, who effed i…
Steven Tyler Screws Up National Anthem [Video]
Nobody is perfect and Steven Tyler is not even close to being perfect, especially when you screw up the National Anthem.
You would think a guy who judges people and determines whether or not they have what it takes to become a singer would take two minute to go over the damn lyrics to the National An…
Best And Worst National Anthem Performances [Video]
Everyone knows the words to the National Anthem when they are singing with hundreds of other people at a local sporting event.  Remembering the words when you are the only one singing to a crowd of ten thousand is a different story.  Check out the best and worst of the song that everyone t…
No National Anthem At Sporting Events?
Why do we sing the Star Spangled Banner before all sporting events in America?  Is it a law?  A tradition?  Do we all just really, really want to hear it?  There are some people who would like to have it removed from non-international competitions all together.  Check out th…

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