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Listen To Lupe Fiasco’s New Track [Audio]
After much controversy over the release of Lupe's new album, it looks like Lasers will actually be released.  Without hearing any of the songs it was hard to imagine why anyone would not want the cd to come out.  Listen to the latest release, "Words I Never Said" bel…
Kanye Working With Weezy Too?
Kanye West has been busy in the studio with a hand full of different artist like Jay Z and now Lil Wayne? YES, Ye was in the studio with Wanye over the weekend working on an unknown project.
Timbaland Promises New Music
Timbaland is promising to release new music on a weekly in a promotion called "Timbaland Thursdays". Check out the video and see what Timbo had to say...
Eve Is Back!
But honestly I think she should have stayed away maybe a little longer and worked on this record...I guess you can be the judge, but after the 1st listen I wasn't a fan!
Jay-Z Reveals “Decoded”
Jay-Z’s book, Decoded, is to be released next month and the rapper gave the people of Miami a peek. See below in the video.
via Features : Video: Jay-Z Reveals "Decoded".