One Hit Wonders

Tone The Cheifrocca-One Hit Wonder [Video]
Everyone has a dream and everyone has the right to at least try to make their dreams come true.
Whether you are good or bad at it, you should at least make an effort for it to come true.
Local rapper from Inglewood, California Cheifrocca wants to be a one hit wonder.
Top 5 One Hit Wonder
There are a lot artists that has had a single blow up and their careers take off from there. There are probably more artists that has had that one single, and then fell off the map. I would like to pay tribute to my personal one hit wonders...
Top 10 Hip-Hop One Hit Wonders
One hit wonders, we all know them and some of them we just can't seem to get rid of. Every year we have an artist come out with a song that will last longer than the artists fame itself. Some of us may know every song on that CD, but the world only knows that one song from the radio. We ...