Painful Freerunning Fails [Video]
Freerunning or Parkour has been getting more and more popular, the only problem with that is you end up with a handful of idiots trying this sport out. With hilariously painful results!
Fat Kid Parkour [Video]
Parkour is the art of escape which has been mastered by gymnast's and super athletes all over the world, unlike this fat kid.
Parkour is a very physically demanding art. You have to at least have some experience is running. Which is a skill this kid lacks.
Tim “Livewire” Shieff Parkour Expert [Video]
Tim "Livewire" Shieff shows off his Parkour skills in these clips that will make you feel out of shape. Parkour is French for Free Running and is the closet thing to becoming a actual ninja that you will come across.
Livewire in this clip shows of some amazing and I mean AMAZING feats of s…
Parkour Jump Does Not End Well [Video]
I'm not sure what the difference between Parkour and suicide sometimes.  I guess the people doing it are just expecting different results.  Sometimes Parkour is known as freerunning, and sometimes its known as insane.  The video below would definitely be placed under the insane c…
Parkour Fails [Video]
Parkour is a wildly new sport where you pretend your an urban ninja and you jump off stuff. Now this sport is 10x harder then most people think. you basically have to be a gymnast to be any good at this, and if you not a gymnast and you've tried Parkour then more than likely your in this video.…