15 Adorable Snoring Animals
Somewhere along the way, February 28th was declared Public Sleeping Day. There is no record of what tired person made this so, but the fact is that it’s a day. A day when you can go out and sleep in public, if you dare.
The Family Dog Is Causing 150 Fights A Year
Did you know that the average family dog is the source for almost 2,000 fights over its lifetime?
It seems like "mans best friend" wouldn't be the source of so many arguments, but a new study finds that to be the case.
Check out a list of the top 20.
Chihuahua Dancing To DMX [Video]
Only a few thing on this planet makes me jealous and not having a dancing chihuahua is one of those things.
No matter how your day is going I guarantee this will put a smile of your face.
What Are the Top 25 Dog Names of 2011?
According to Banfield Pet Hospital’s list of the top 25 dog names of 2011, some timeless dog monikers, like “Ginger,” “Sadie,” “Coco” and “Max,” are still very much in use. But other names on the list may be somewhat more unfamiliar.
Helpful Dog Goes Grocery Shopping for His Owner [VIDEO]
A dog in China has been trained by his owner to go to local stores with a shopping list and then bring groceries home. When he does get back, the pup is justly rewarded with tasty treats like sausages and ice cream. A dog who is cute and runs errands? Where do we get one of those? All ours does is s…
Black Friday Deals Every Pet Owner Should Know About
Planning to get a jump on your holiday shopping this week? Don’t forget man’s best friend — a variety of pet retailers are offering steals and deals for the dog and cat sets on Black Friday. Get out there early and get Fido what he really wants for the holidays this year!

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