Pole Dancing

Stripper Falls Off The Pole, Lands On Her Face [Video]
Pole dancing is not easy, and most of the time the girls that do it are very well trained. That definitely was not the case with the girl in the video below, but luckily she hit her head hard enough so that she probably won't even remember it.
Amazing: One Armed Pole Dancer Wins World Title [Video]
The winner of the International Pole Championship in Hong Kong? Deborah Roach, the one-armed Australian winner of the disabled division who said that a circus-themed double act she saw in 2006 inspired her to take up pole dancing and acrobatics.
In 2009, she won a general pole competition, which al…
Dad Yells At Pole Dancing Woman On The Train [Videos]
Pole Dancing has swept across America as a new fitness craze, but not everyone can afford a sturdy pole in their house.
This young woman obviously is just taking advantage of an opportunity to work on her fitness . . . and show her entire rear end.
Best Pole Dance Move Ever? [Video]
This is probably the smoothest pole dance move I have ever seen and trust me I've seen a lot of pole dancing. This video only proves what I've been saying for a long time. They should make Pole dancing a Olympic sport.
Do you know how much body strength you need to pole dance? Not only can …
Pole Dancing For Jesus? [VIDEO]
Some women in Texas are finding their inner stripper...for Jesus!! They get together every second Sunday each month and get it in!! A lot of people are upset with the group putting this class together, but I don't see a problem with it...WWJD?? lol Check out the video