Rick Ross and Meek Mill Lyrics Gets 63 Gang Menbers Arrested [Photo]
Lately it seems like the 1 golden rule in Hip Hop it "Don't Snitch', and if you do, you can instantly lose your fan base.
In this case I don't think neither will lose their fan base, but I think people will start to look at them differently, and I do think they will be in a whole whirl wind of t…
Too Short Tries to Run From Police After Being Stopped For DUI [Video]
Rapper Too Short was pulled over for driving under the influence and decides to make a break for it resulting in the saddest attempt to escape the police I have ever seen.
Blame it on the alcohol or just plain stupidity Too Short for a brief second made a conscious decision to run from the police, bu…
10 Year Old Boy Calls 911 Over His Bedtime
I think every kid has had the thought of calling 911 on their parents but this 10 year old boy was brave enough to actually call over his bedtime.  I know plenty of times I heard my mother says, "You better not call 911 on me unless I'm killing you."  Well, if I were…

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