Suicide Taxi Cab Prank [Video]
One of the more funny over the top pranks I've seen in a long time. Two girls jump into a taxi cab and don't realize their in for one hell of a night!
Headless Drive Thru Prank [Video]
The drive thru prankster is back at it again but this time without a head and is scaring the shit out of drive thru cashiers!
This is just another one of those feel good videos,so if your having a bad day sit back and laugh at how scared these cashiers get!
Tips For Great April Fools Pranks [Video]
If you are anything like me you love to play practical jokes on your love ones, or even on people that you hate.
Also if you are anything like me you are not creative or you just plain suck at it.
Well thank God for Household Hacker they have come up with 7 simple that can be done on April Fools Day o…

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