President Barack Obama

Beyonce Votes, Writes Open Letter to Obama
Beyonce has election fever! On her website, Bey posted a series of photos that captured her filling out her ballot, and she also posted a personal letter to President Obama in which she thanked him for his leadership and called him an inspiration to her daughter, Blue Ivy.
Bad Lip Reading – 2012 Debate Highlights [Video]
Check out some of the highlights from the 2012 debates remixed by Bad Lip Reading.
I have to admit, in this form Mitt Romney made some arguable points.  And that he will not have his eggs in the shower next time. This stuff is hilarious!
Obama and Romney May Have Trouble at The Debate Tonight [Video]
The presidential debate kicks off tonight with President Barack Obama squaring off against Mitt Romney.The only problem is that neither on of them are great debaters.
The current champ has been undefeated for the past 4 years. The new contender is determined for an upset. Can Obama dance around Mitt …

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