Issa-Santa Clause In the Hood
One of the things I like about the Christmas holiday are all of the Christmas songs, the remakes and the originals. This new holiday song by Issa, easily shoots up to the top of my Christmas songs list.
Rap Coloring Book Shows Hip Hop Stars Having Fun
Bun B's Jumbo Coloring and Rap Activity Tumblr is a great way to pass some time, especially if you have a printer and some crayons. Each entry is a coloring book version of a rapper. Some are also activities, like connecting the dots to draw 2Pac's bandanna, or giving Drake eyebrows. As an added bon…
Yo, Angela! Tony Danza Raps About Brooklyn
It's hard to imagine this video being any more Brooklyn, unless Tony Danza were to spin two plates with slices of pizza on them and be riding the Cyclone while he did this rap that is really just more of a rhyming list of famous people from Brooklyn...
Vintage Lowlife Records Commercial Via Flint, MI [Video]
When it comes to the city of  Flint the with  exception of the police I have nothing but love for this city.
I remember a time when hardcore Rap was at its finest and Flint had a long list of of hardcore rappers.
We had Boneless Skanless MC Breed, Scurvy, The Dayton Family and the list goes o…
Teachers Make Rap Video To Get Student’s To Study [Video]
Teachers at Jennings High School in St Louis, Missouri created a rap video to get kids to study... Using Ace Hood's "Hustle Hard". I love the idea, let's just say I'm glad I don't have to be in school with these teachers though.
Check out the video below.
The Karate Rap Will Be Your New Jam [Video]
I don't know what it was about the 80's, but it was perfectly acceptable to be as cheesy as you could.
The Karate Rap is a perfect example of this.  The only thing this is missing is Jean Claude Van Damme dancing around in the background.
Dad Raps To Fetal Monitor In Delivery Room [Video]
Parents are always embarrassing, even before you can be born. Want proof, just watch the video below. A couple was waiting to welcome their fifth child into the world in Aviano, Italy, when the fetal monitor started acting up.
Charles McDaniel began using the monitor's beeps to develop a beat.
‘Imdabess’ Might Be Rap Song Of The Year [Video]
Look for GMCFOSHO to explode on the rap scene after putting together this banger.
In the track he proclaims himself to be 'Da Bess' at a number of things including, Streetfighter, SAT tests and watching videos from the 90's just to name a few.
Buddy Ripley ‘Smallz’ The Gas Station Rapper [Video]
The newest gas station rapper to hit the scene is Buddy Ripley aka 'Smallz' with some unexpected lyrical talent. He was found at a random underground gas station at 2am in Flagstaff, AZ...step your game up! Check out the video below and some side notes: a little FYI for you from the YouTube page.
Justin Timberlake And Jimmy Fallon Do ‘History Of Rap 3′ [Video]
Justin Timberlake was a guest on Jimmy Fallon's show Friday night, and everyone wondered if they would bring back the popular 'History Of Rap' performance for a third go.
The answer was made clear very quickly.  Jimmy didn't even introduce JT, he just launched into some RunDM…

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