Man On Porch Raps Freestyle [Video,NSFW]
Do you remember being at the lunch table at school?
Sitting in the cafeteria  beating on the table trying to make a beat and freestyling.
That's probably why your ass flunked school, because you were trying to impress those little knuckle heads with the snotty nose, and bad haircuts.
Grandma Raps ‘3-6 Mafia’ [Video,NSFW]
When you imagine your grandmother, you think of an older lady, that is wise, loving, and stern all at the same time. When your younger you think she is cool, and then right around the time you hit puberty you realize she's probably a crazy, old lady that wears ugly old sweaters.
Ian Raps With B.O.B
NightClub 937 with Ian had the chance early this summer to see B.O.B live in Royal Oak and even "Rap" with him for a minute...check it out