Ray J

Ray J Takes Plea Deal in Sexual Battery Case
It seems like whenever Brandy's brother Ray J is in the news it is usually not a good thing.
Ray J is easily the "black sheep of the family and is always doing something to embarrass the "Norwood: name.
Ray J ‘I Hit It First’ [Official Video]
Ray J finally drops a video to his very controversial track 'I hit It first' were Ray J is obviously talking about his ex Kim Kardashian and basically how he made her famous.
I don't understand why anyone would waste their time making a song about there ex. I know plenty of artist have…
Ray J Talks About His New Single
It seems like Ray J is up to his old tricks of sleeping with women, talking about, and writing songs about it.
Brandy's little brother is mad at his former girlfriend Kim Kardashian.
Is Kim Kardashian Killing Kanye West Superstar Career?
Is Kim Kardashian killing Kanye West superstar career?  According the a NY DailyNews reports Kim K. is the cause of Kanye losing some star power.  The curse of the Kardashian's maybe has struck the G.O.O.D. Music CEO and sources says he knows it.
50 Cent Involved In Fabolous And Ray J Fight [Video]
50 Cent is talking about the Fabolous and Ray J fight that took place over the weekend.
In an interview he backed both mens version of what happened, saying that Ray J did swing on Fab, but he missed.
New video  shows 50 apparently instigating the fight between Fab and Ray J.  The crazy part is that o…

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