TV Anchor Responds To An Email Where She Is Called Obese [Video]
Jennifer Livingston, a TV news anchor, took a moment to reply to an email she received that criticized her for being overweight and setting bad example for kids watching.  The response has blown up on the Internet as a hero for the anti-bullying campaign drawing international attention.
A Huge Brown Bear Strolls Through A Neighborhood [Video]
A 400 pound California Brown Bear was casually strolling through a neighborhood yesterday when a news traffic helicopter caught it on tape.
Luckily no people were injured, but at least one guy's underpants were completely destroyed.
Reporter Walks Into A Pole Trying To Get An Interview [Video]
Being a reporter means that sometimes you have to put yourself in an uncomfortable situation to get the story.
I'm not sure if ramming your head into a pole helped him get the answers he was looking for, but it helped me watch the video over and over again.
Anchorwoman Has Trouble With A Sausage Contest [Video]
These two women are having a hard time with their newscast, and it has to do with some delicious sausage.
Watch as they giggle like school girls while trying to describe a sausage eating contest, and then it all goes downhill when the tickets come up.

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