Four Arrested in Atlanta Shoe Robberies
Four male robbers were arrested in connection to a Facebook sneaker scheme in Gwinnett County.  Gwinnett County is nearby Atlanta where at least four sneaker robberies took place.
Customer Stops A Robbery With Some Sweet Kung Fu Fighting [Video]
A quick thinking 7-11 customer in Orlando saved the day by kicking a knife out of a robber's hand and chasing him from the store.
The crook waltzed in with a white bandana covering his face, whipped out a knife, and demanded cash. As soon as he did, the customer stepped back and grabbed a wine b…
Gunman Holds Up Beauty Store For Hair Extensions [Video]
A gun-toting robber held up a beauty store in Texas: "'My b**** needs some hair extensions. Which are the best ones?"
Yes, the masked bandit in Dallas asked the employees for hair extensions for his girlfriend.
The bandit managed to escape the scene.
Gumby Attempts A 7-11 Robbery [Video]
Every kids favorite cartoon friend Gumby is now on the run! A man dressed in a Gumby costume tried to rob a 7-Eleven in San Diego, CA but laughed out of the store. He walked in demanding a pack of cigarettes and cash, then he reached into his costume for (what he said was a gun) but dropped a bunch …
Girl Scouts Robbed! [Video]
The Saginaw County regional office of the Girl Scouts was robbed over the Holiday weekend for a little over $50.  This is horrible considering these little girls are just trying to do things for their communities and neighborhoods. Not much else was taken but the cash register was broken which …