Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin’s Daughter Bristol Palin Gets Into a Fight At Bar [Video]
Bristol Palin was filming for her new reality show when a heckler decides to say some pretty nasty things about her mother. This obviously enraged the young Bristol Palin and she decided to confront him.
Words go from calm to straight harsh quick! What shocked me was when Bristol asked the man if he …
Did Flint Star Glen Rice Hook-Up With Sarah Palin
So reports surfaced today the former NBA stand out and Flint native Glen Rice may have hooked up with Sarah Palin back in 1987. Rice who played basketball for the University of Michigan was playing in a tournament in Alaska while Palin was a local sports reporter.
More details of the alleged hook-up …
Kate Gosselin Doesn’t Like Sarah Palin
Sarah Palin has a show called "Saraha Palin's Alaska". Well on an episode or two Kate Gosselin and her family join the Palins... Yea not so good.  Checkout Jimmy Kimmel's take on it.. Peep