Dad Secretly Records Teachers Verbally Abusing His Autistic Son [Video]
New Jersey dad Stuart Chaifetz was confused when reports that his Autistic son Akian, had become violent in his school.  In an effort to find out what exactly was going on he hid an audio recorder on his son and sent him to school.
Shockingly, he discovered that a teacher and a teacher’s aide were ve…
Teachers Make Rap Video To Get Student’s To Study [Video]
Teachers at Jennings High School in St Louis, Missouri created a rap video to get kids to study... Using Ace Hood's "Hustle Hard". I love the idea, let's just say I'm glad I don't have to be in school with these teachers though.
Check out the video below.
Little Kids Get Scared By The Purple Panda [Video]
A visit by Mr. McFeely and Purple Panda of Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood doesn't go so well with the kids at Pennsylvania's Center in the Woods. We have all had this happen to us growing up, you go see Santa or the Easter bunny and are scared crazy.
Watch how these young kids react to the …
Lady Goes Crazy In New York Library [Video]
You ever just got to the Library and rage? This is in the Schenectady Public Library, New York. I do not know what is wrong with this woman, but I do know that she is listening to a music video with headphones. I think it's Michael Jackson. Did I mention this is at a library?
Check out her m…
City Wants To Ban Skinny Jeans In Schools [Video]
The Board of Education in Meriden, Conn. is considering a ban on skinny jeans, jeggings and other form-fitting clothes inside schools.
They're considering amending the district's dress code policy to ban what some say are tight and form-fitting blouses, skirts and pants that are so revea…
Massive Brawl At High School Caught On Camera [Video]
Another major brawl broke out at a notorious Texas high school. It broke out in the cafeteria with students throwing wild punches, pouring milk all over other kids.
It's just one of the many fights that have occurred at the school recently.  Last fall pepper spray was used to break up a large scale…
Teacher Smashes Student’s iPhone For Texting In Class [Video]
Not sure if this is real or set up, but I can tell you this. If I was in class and the teacher smashed my iPhone with a sledge hammer...he wouldn't be my teacher anymore. The professor has a strict 'No Texting' policy and evidently this kid broke the rules.
Check out the video below an…
High School Removes Bathroom Doors To Prevent Sex [Video]
A high school in McKinney, TX removed the bathroom doors because kids were having sex in the john. The district decided the doors between the restrooms and the hallways needed to go.
They did it to provide a safer environment in school, and they need to be able to hear students if something were to g…
Little Girl Pukes During School Play [Video]
Being the star of the school play can be a very stressful thing.  The lights, the crowd, the lines and the dinner you ate might all come sneaking up on you.
I honestly do feel bad for this little girl, because you can see how hard she is trying to hold it together.
But lets be honest with each ot…

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