New Aurora Shooting Cell Phone Video Just Released [Video]
New cell phone footage shows the chaos in and around the theater during the moments of the shooting.
Aurora Police have released a statement that at least 12 victims have been confirmed dead, with some reports having that number as high as 15 people.
Tyga And ‘Honey Cocaine’ Shot At After Omaha Concert [Video]
Two people, including 'Honey Cocaine' were shot when a tour van carrying eight people from a Tyga concert, got chased and fired on by someone in a black sedan.
Sochitta Sal, aka 'Honey Cocaine', was shot in the arm and taken to a hospital in Nebraska. She was treated and released, also a 20-year-old…
Sucker Punch Leads To Murder Or Self Defense? [Video]
A very controversial video about a young man sucker punching  someone outside a bar only to be fired upon by  the guy's friends and later dieing.  Surprisingly a lot of people have mixed feelings on this shooting.
Alot of people claim it was just self defense, but is killing someo…
Woman’s Weave Stops Bullet [Video]
The case of the Ex boyfriend goes to far when this woman Brianna Bonds Ex boyfriend pulls out a .40 caliber pistol and shoots her in the back of the head. Luckily her weave stopped it!
Damn! This has to be some some of new Tech that can used in the battle overseas. If we could outfit every solder in …