Top 10 Most Shoplifted Items This Year
With the Holiday season in full swing many American's are trying to save cash anyway possible to afford gifts. What might shock you is what is #1 on the most shoplifted item list this season. And many people might not know, but Adults with jobs are the most common offenders when it comes to the…
Black Friday Deals Every Pet Owner Should Know About
Planning to get a jump on your holiday shopping this week? Don’t forget man’s best friend — a variety of pet retailers are offering steals and deals for the dog and cat sets on Black Friday. Get out there early and get Fido what he really wants for the holidays this year!
7 Survival Strategies to Having a Happy Black Friday
You have your Black Friday ads. You know when the stores open. You even know the most dangerous toys being sold this year. You, sir or madam, are ready to shop.
Or are you? Here are a few more suggestions to make your Black Friday buying excursions go as smoothly as possible
5 Things You Shouldn’t Buy on Black Friday
Savvy buyers know Black Friday can be one of the best days of the year to find terrific bargains, but not all items are such great deals. In order to better your experience on that infamous shopping day, here are some things you may want to avoid purchasing, along with when you may be able to score …
Club 93.7’s Occupy Best Buy With MetroPCS [Contest]
Black Friday is only a few days away and this year its coming earlier than ever.
With most stores deciding to open their doors at midnight instead of waiting till the wee hours of Friday morning.
All that means is that you will have to get out even earlier to get the first spot in line, UNLESS you are…
Black Friday And Cyber Monday Deals Leaked Online
Black Friday and Cyber Monday have turned into national holidays for us.
The thrill of getting what you want at such a great deal is what these huge shopping events are all about.
We have the best spots to find the deals you are looking for.
The Best Labor Day Sales on the Web
Labor Day means a three day weekend and respite from hard work for many, but it also means it's the season for end-of-summer deals. Here are some of the best savings of the season, from clothing to back-to-school gear.
Picture You Mallin’ Snapshot
Club 93.7's Picture You Mallin' is your chance to win a shopping trip to The Mall of Americas!  All you have to do is identify the Picture You Mallin Snapshot of the day.
Costco Has Everything…Even Wedding Dresses!! [VIDEO]
Sams Club,'s all the same, or is it? I like to buy things in bulk and save money as much as the next person does, but buying a wedding dresses at a that's outta the question!! How many women reading this would actually buy a dress from there? Leave a comment and wa…
Swizz & A. Keys Out With That Baby !
Congrats again to the happy family. I know some people are pissy, but not these three.
via Rumors : Hip-Hop Rumors: A Legend In Jail!? Swizz, Alicia And Baby Go Out!.