Skateboarding Kid Lights Pants On Fire [Video]
Hey Tony Hawk! You're doing it wrong!
This is a classic case of, pushing your luck a little too far.
This X-Games wannabe should have quit while ahead, but in the name of "extreme", decided to take it one step further.
Subway Skateboarding Looks Fun [Video]
Colin Read and his skate crew headed underground to skate the New York City subway system.
I'm pretty sure that they break every law possible while doing it, but nobody really minds because it just looks so cool.
Kid Get’s Stuck In A Skate Bowl [Video]
Let me just start by telling you that the title for this video is 'Fat Kid Stuck In Bowl'.
That simple, yet effective title tells you everything you need to know about what goes on.
Parts of me feel bad for this kid (the parts that hurt from laughing so hard) but this is a feel good story.&n…

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