Skip Bayless

NFL Tries to Ban the N-Word
This topic is much deeper than sports and probably much deeper than what anyone can ever imagine.
I can say i am glad the NFL is bringing some kind of awareness to this and that is why I love sports.
John Legend Performs ‘Extra-Ordinary Tebow’ [Video]
This is easily the single greatest thing to happen on the set of 'First Take'.
Normally the show revolves around Skip Bayless and Stephen A Smith arguing as loud as possible.
John Legend is here to change all that, and put both guys in their respective place when it comes to Tim Tebow.
Wale Stops By ESPN’s First Take
Myabach Music Group emcee Wale stopped by EPSN's First Take.  If you are not familiar with the show, ESPN First Take is a round table discussion on sports. First Take brings on guest to join the discussion and debate Skip Bayless.