9 Sloths Who Are Working for the Weekend
We love sloths. There's no question. But we can't spend all day looking at them online-- sometimes we have to take a break to order food from Seamless or run a damp sponge over our body. Worse, sometimes we actually have to leave the apartment. To combat this, we've taken sloths and given them every…
Tiny Baby Sloth Needs To Have A Onesie [Video]
Sloths have become the new Cats of the Internet, meaning that everything is made better with a little Sloth in it.
Watch what happens when a baby Sloth needs some medical attention due to a case of 'the mange'.
Kristen Bell Tells Ellen About Her Sloth Meltdown [Video]
Kristen Bell loves Sloths.  I mean she really loves Sloths, maybe even more than this girl loves cats.
She tells Ellen about her surprise birthday gift from her fiance, and even has a video of her reaction when she found out what it was.
Want to try and guess it?  Well . . . It was a Sloth.