Snakebite Victims Friend Refuses To Suck Venom Out Of His Testicle
Imagine having to answer "natures call" in the middle of the night, outside in the outback of Australia.
That's exactly what happened to Jackson Scott a few days ago, only things didn't go exactly as planned.
As he was finishing up a deadly Tiger Snake latched on to his tes…
Worst Job Ever. Cleaning A Cobra Pit [VIDEO]
Some people are hurting for a job and the economy still seems to suck, but as you relax this weekend and surf the inter-web be thankful that your not this guy! He may have a job, but really I'd rather be homeless than do what he does! Wanna see? Would you clean out a cobra pit on a daily basis?
Snakes In A Mother-Lovin’ House! [VIDEO]
You could pay me to live here...A real estate agent in Idaho is having trouble selling a house, even though he slashed the house's price by $66,000!
What's the problem?
It's infested with thousands of garter snakes. Check out the video here..