Black Jeopardy [Video]
It seems like to me anything that involves Drake, or Keenan Thompson on SNL is usually gold. Keenan has consistently been  funny for close to 20 years and it seems like Drake has a knack for entertaining people, he is a natural entertainer.
SNL Will Cut Down on Commercial Breaks by 30% Next Season
SNL hasn’t yet revealed its final host of Season 41, let alone what, if any cast turnover to expect in Season 42, but a notable change is already afoot. The NBC mainstay will cut at least two commercial breaks from live airings next season, but what might replace the additional runtime?
Peter Dinklage and Leslie Jones are ‘Naked and Afraid’ on SNL
Naked & Afraid is an actual reality show that just began its fifth season on the Discovery Channel, but it sounds so much like something that was cooked up in the SNL writers’ room that you can be forgiven for thinking it’s entirely a gag. The premise is patently ridiculous: two st…

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