The Best Goal Celebrations Ever! [Video]
Combine soccer with a little bit of awesome special effects and you've finally got something that Americans can watch! I wanna like soccer but I can't, but if every game was like this!
You couldn't stop me from going to a game!
Soccer Crotch Kick [Video]
Soccer players are some of the dirtiest players around and this one takes a pretty mean shot to the family jewels.
Ladies I know what your thinking, "It can't be that bad he's just putting on a show" well until you get kicked in the balls by a professional soccer player wo…
Girls Soccer Game Ends With A Fight And Assault Charges [Video]
Fans were treated to more than just an exciting girls soccer game in South Carolina last week.
The action got started as one player tripped another on their way to the ball.  The girl who was tripped immediately got to her feet and proceeded to beat the daylight out of the other girl.
ESPN Analyst Get’s Hit In The Face By Soccer Ball [Video]
If you watch Soccer and you've already seen this, you are probably not cool. LOL I'm just playing, ESPN Analyst and former Arsenal defender Martin Keown is hit by a stray ball in the Leeds United FA Cup warm-up.
Check out the video below in slow motion!
Lebron James Interviewed By School Kids From England [Video]
Lebron James is a household name across the globe, so it's no surprise that these kids from Liverpool would like to ask him a few questions.
The segment is titled 'Small Talk' and basically features a bunch of 'Harry Potter' extras asking 'Bron Bron' about his heigh…
Real Madrid Runs Over Competition, And Girls [Video]
You may not know much about Real Madrid because they play soccer, and really who watches soccer anyway.
In fact I think the only time that we have heard about Real Madrid is when they ran over a fan during their championship celebration.
Well the champs were in the states, on the campus of UCLA, and i…
Mehdi Carcela Soccer Star Gets a Nice Head Kick [Video]
Mehdi Carcela is apparently a big name in soccer well today he got a big head kick. What was the first word that came to mind when you first saw this video? I will bet any amount of money it was DAMN!!!! It was a clean shot too! He had to have done that on purpose, Yea I know it looks like it was un…
World Cup Fail (Guy gets ran over by bus) [Video]
World Cup Fail video when an over excited soccer fan on a tour bus FALLS OFF and gets ran over! This isn't funny, but if you play the video back and listen to the announcer while the poor guy is getting ran over, You'll see that it matches up perfectly! Like really really perfect lol. I Could watch …
Soccer Is Still Boring [VIDEO]
Every little kid plays AYSO when they are growing up...except me, it was banned in my house! Who wants to sit and watch guys run around an over-sized field for 7 hours and tie?? NOT ME! Now if you add trick shots, cars, fire and this guy...I may be able to tolerate it! Watch these crazy trick shots …
Cricket Fan – More Like Swim Fan [VIDEO]
There's a man that comes and watches you while you sleep when your naughty. Don't believe me?  Here's PROOF that he exist!
I get the weird feeling that this guy is staring directly into my soul. He's know all the bad you've done in your life...