This Is What Happens When You Boil Cola [Video]
There's nothing like drinking down a cold soda on a hot day or with a great meal. But we all know that soda isn't what you would call "Healthy'. Now I'm not saying stay away from soda all together, (If you did, that would be great) just be aware of what your consuming...
One Soda A Day Is Normal For Half Of Americans
Have you had your soda, (pop for most of us) yet today? New research shows that 48 percent of Americans have at least one every single day.
The crazy part is that the other 52 percent say that they have no soda, ever.
New York Starts Big-Soda Ban?
New York is in the process of banning soda 16 ounces and higher. This means nowhere! No restaurants, stadiums, nowhere! If you get caught with a Big soda it could carry a $200 fine. Damn...