MLB Umpire Tackle’s Streaker At Baltimore Game [Video]
Friday night at the Baltimore Orioles game, the umpire (Jeff Kellogg) got tired of waiting for security.
A shirtless fan ran around the diamond, slid into home, then popped up to run some more… that's when the ump tackled him. The umpire received a standing ovation from the crowd.
Man Dressed As Ref Streaks At UCLA vs. Arizona Game [Video]
Oh it's another College Football Saturday and let's hope this happens again today! In the UCLA Bruins vs. Arizona Wildcats game on Thursday, October 20, 2011 a college kid fan dressed as a referee runs on the field, blows a whistle while waiving his hands, and stops the UCLA/Arizona college footb…
Streaker Gets Owned At A High School Football Game [Video]
Streaking at a sporting event is never a good idea.  Streaking at a high school football game is a "turrible" (Charles Barkley Voice).
Streakers never cease to amaze me, because it seems like you should have a couple of things before you streak.
Foot speed is one of the main thi…
Fan Leveled At Boston Red Sox Game [Video]
Fans running onto the field is never a good idea.  If you ever do make the choice to be "that guy" who runs onto the field make sure you keep your wits.  Running out looking dumbfounded and barely moving will only get you a mouth full of grass and blood.  Just watch …