Street Fight

Man Tells Girl to Call Jesus and Then Slaps her Off her Seat [Video]
A man gets fed up with a younger girls talking about who shes about to call to deal with him, so the man tells the young girl to call Jesus and slaps the mess out of her.
This is a good example of why you shouldn't talk trash to everybody. You may just run into an old school cat that will slap y…
Old Man Beats Up Young Man [Video]
So for whatever reason this adolescent male steps to this old man and well let's just say the ability to kick ass does not fade with time.
Shout out to the geriatrics!
Guy Knocks Out Random Chick Without Hesitation [Video]
During a fight between two girls another random chick tries to join the fight and ends up getting knocked out by a dude.
I hope this isn't a growing trend. I guess that bus driver gave every guy permission to start knocking females out. Now I don't condone ever putting your hands on a woman…
B-Ray’s Knockout of the Week: Big Girl Throwdown!
Cat fight's are already brutal but when put a lil more meat on the bone you turn it into a battle of the ages when big girl's fight!
I love big girls you can't go wrong with them. Here's a list why.

They can cook
Their more fun to date
They can whoop ass
They fight better than some gu…
Gang Violence Reaches A New Level..
Our society is on the verge of collapsing! What happen to the good old days? When you had a problem with somebody you settled the problem on the dance floor ? ....(sigh) I miss the movie Breakin...Now it seems that these kids can't handle having a fair fight...