Super Bowl

Beyonce Teases With Super Bowl Halftime Rehearsal Video
If you're not excited about the Super Bowl maybe Beyonce teasing you with her Super Bowl halftime rehearsal video will help.  The superstar entertainer is going to take the Super Bowl to another level on February 3rd, 2013.
Demonic Symbols In The Super Bowl?
If you've never heard of the Illuminati then you've been sleeping under a rock, Probably the most controversial topic in music is the Illuminati. Do they exist? Are they controlling us with Demonic symbols?
Or are people just going crazy?
Funny Or Die: Jesus Picks the Superbowl [Video]
With only a few more days left until the Super Bowl rematch between the NY Giants and the New England Patriots, Jesus' pick is in. Now that Tim Tebow is out of the running, Jesus has to decide who he'd like to win more.
Who ya got, Eli or Brady? Check out the Funny or Die video below.

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