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Demonic Symbols In The Super Bowl?
If you've never heard of the Illuminati then you've been sleeping under a rock, Probably the most controversial topic in music is the Illuminati. Do they exist? Are they controlling us with Demonic symbols?
Or are people just going crazy?
Funny Or Die: Jesus Picks the Superbowl [Video]
With only a few more days left until the Super Bowl rematch between the NY Giants and the New England Patriots, Jesus' pick is in. Now that Tim Tebow is out of the running, Jesus has to decide who he'd like to win more.
Who ya got, Eli or Brady? Check out the Funny or Die video below.
The 10 Best Super Bowl Ads of 2011
The Green Bay Packers are the champions of Super Bowl XLV. Now the three-million-dollars-for-30-seconds-of-airtime question is ... which Super Bowl ad ruled 2011? Hereís our stab at this years 10 best Super Bowl commercials.
Christina Aguilera Gives Us The Remix [Video]
Christina looked great as she headed to mid field to sing the National Anthem.  Her voice was flawless, powerful and about 93 other words that mean really good.  Then it happened.  The nation said, "Did she just sing the wrong words?"  Yes, yes she did . . . it wasn't obvious but enough fo…
Lil Wayne’s “Green & Yellow” Freestyle
**This Song Contains Strong Language. Listen At Your Own Discretion**
Lil Wayne is getting into the Super Bowl by dropping his "Green & Yellow" Freestyle.  Weezy kind of made the Super Bowl and little more interesting.  Take a listen and let me know what you think.
Cooking With Snoop [Video]
Worried about how you'll feed the mob of football fans at your house on Super Bowl Sunday?  Fear not!  Snoop Dogg to the rescue, and after you watch the video you'll see that its really way easier than you think.  Check it out below.
Wanna Know Who Won The Super Bowl? [Video]
Can't wait until Sunday for the Big Game? You're in luck...I already know who is going to win, so place your bets now!! If you don't want the spoiler...then don't click ahead and watch the video lol
The 10 Most Memorable Super Bowl Commercials Ever [VIDEOS]
This year, a 30-second commercial during the Super Bowl will cost three million dollars. At that price, any company hawking its product during the big game better hope its ad makes a big impression.
We’ve compiled a chronological list of 10 Super Bowl commercials that went over like a flawlessly exe…

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