Every Face Punch From ‘Road House’ [Video]
'Road House' is a violent, awesomely bad movie.  It is everything that an 80's cult classic should be.
The one thing that I didn't realize from watching this as a kid, was how many people were punched in the face!
Thanks to the Internet, you don't have to watch the whole …
Worf Is Always Wrong [Video]
Worf is the head of security on 'Star Trek: The Next Generation', but for some reason nobody ever wants to do what he suggests.
Is it because he is the only 'Klingon' on the ship?  Could it be that he thinks with his heart and not his head?  Or is this whole thing racial…
Movie Line Rhymes Is A Slice Of Genius [Video]
Movie super-cuts have become the "cool" thing to do on the the Interweb lately.  There is super-cut  for virtually everything that has ever happened in movies.
For example, here is a super-cut of every time someone says STFU in a movie.  Not into the cussing?  How about a super-cut of movie…