Too Short

25 Best Sex Songs
Sex is a part of life. In hip-hop and R&B, rappers and singers have never been afraid to express themselves sexually in a song -- they get right to the point.
Too Short Tries to Run From Police After Being Stopped For DUI [Video]
Rapper Too Short was pulled over for driving under the influence and decides to make a break for it resulting in the saddest attempt to escape the police I have ever seen.
Blame it on the alcohol or just plain stupidity Too Short for a brief second made a conscious decision to run from the police, bu…
E-40 & Too Short Ft. Wiz Khalifa ‘Say I’ [Video]
E-40 hits the scene again along with help from Too Short and the homie Wiz Khalifa with a new track called 'Say I'.
I've missed E-40 and I'm glad he's back doing some collaborations with more up to date rappers so he can get back into the spotlight. I will say  that Too …