Aftermath of Oklahoma Tornado in Photos
A massive tornado touched down just south of Oklahoma City on Monday, killing dozens.
At least seven of those killed were students at Plaza Towers Elementary School in Moore. The twister, which measured 2 miles at one point, has been given a preliminary classification of an EF-4 tornado (winds o…
How You Can Help Victims of the Tornado in Oklahoma
A huge tornado touched down just outside of Oklahoma City earlier today, causing widespread destruction and leaving behind a yet-untold number of casualties.
To see how you can help those affected, see the list below. This list will continue to be updated...
Texas Tornadoes Throw Semi Trucks Into The Sky [Video]
Major tornadoes ripped through the Dallas-Fort Worth area yesterday wreaking havoc wherever they touched down.
The twisters canceled most all air travel and tore down homes, but the most dramatic footage came when one touched down at a truck stop.
Devastating Tornado Rips Through Dexter Michigan [Video]
Some heavy storms rolled through Michigan yesterday, with some rumored tornado touchdowns in our area.
None of the touchdowns in the Flint and surrounding areas were caught on video, and the damage doesn't compare to the twister that rolled through Dexter.
Tornado In Joplin Kills Hundreds – How You Can Help
The massive tornado that ripped through Joplin, Missouri has killed 116 people to date, with more fatalities expected.  The twister tore a 6 mile path across the town, and spread debris up to 60 miles away.  Relief agencies are asking for help from Sundays disaster, below is a list of plac…
Tornado Death Toll – At Least 291 [Video]
Tornado's have torn the south apart this month.  The devastation that they bring with them is unbelievable, until you see them up close.  Below are two videos of two of the most powerful tornado's that Alabama, Mississippi or Tennessee have ever witnessed.  Now people are asking, why are there so ma…
Tornado Hits St. Louis Airport [Video]
The Tornado that ran through Lambert-St. Louis International Airport on the 22nd was measured as an EF4.   This concourse surveillance camera caught some amazing video of what it was like on the inside.  Check it out.
Tornado Took My Hamburger [VIDEO]
The News always seems to find the best people to interview when something bad has happened and this is the case in Jackson, MS. A tornado had just made it's way through the town and WAPT News 16 was first on the scene to talk with Eric Hubbard. Watch the interview to see what he lost LOL