Travis Porter

Club937 Car & Bike Show [Gallery]
Check out the photo's from Club 937's car and bike show! We had some of the best rides in Flint show up along with Flint's top artist. Ifyou came out there is a good chance you in one of these photos..
Travis Porter Release ‘Trifecta’ – [Video]
Travis Porter debut 3 videos in one with 'Trifecta.'  The hip-hop group debut album is in stores now and get a lot of love.  Some many times group member's individual shine gets lost in the groups agenda you forget who they are from a individual perspective.
Ian Interview’s Travis Porter [Audio]
On Tuesday night I promised you a interview with the boys of Travis Porter...and I delivered. For the longest time I thought Travis Porter was just one dude, but I guess there are 3. The crew said they wanted to come to Flint, so if we get enough request from listeners maybe we'll bring them ou…