Trayvon Martin

Miami Dade County Police Assaulted a 14 Year Old Boy For No Legit Reason
It seems like Florida has become the old California when it comes to police corruption and brutality.  The Trayvon Martin case is still on going and it doesn't seem to end anytime soon.  Now Florida is in the news for a police brutality case after a Miami Dade County Police officer as…
Zimmerman’s Defense Tries to Dig up Dirt On Trayvon [Video]
George Zimmerman's lawyers are getting so desperate that they are asking a judge for permission to gain access to Trayvon Martin's Facebook account.
This is a petty attempt to see if Trayvon Martin had a history of anger issues, and checking a person Facebook in my opinion will not change a…
George Zimmerman Officially Charged In Trayvon Martin Shooting
George Zimmerman turned himself in yesterday after he was officially charged with the second-degree murder of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin.
The prosecutor in the case finally reached the decision that Zimmerman's self defense story was not supported by the evidence.
Screams From The Trayvon Martin 911 Call Are Analyzed
The audio from the Trayvon Martin 911 call is a tough listen.  You can clearly hear screaming in the background throughout the entire call.
There is a debate as to who's screams they actually were, and we are a little closer to an answer.

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