Will Ferrell The New Boss On The Office [VIDEO]
Last night Will Ferrell made his first appearance on NBC's "The Office" as the new boss. If you missed it or for some reason still live in 97' and don't have a DVR here are a couple clips from last night's show! Ferrell is scheduled to make his last appearance i…
Lil Wayne’s Ex-Wife Toya Debuts New Reaity Series
I'm starting to really starting to hate reality shows. It's eems like anybody and everybody can get one nowadays. What's soooooo important about being Lil' Wayne s  Ex? NOTHING!! I want a reality show that follows Kim Jong il wives around all day...
Family Guy Comic Coming Soon!
The BEST animated series in the history of TV is coming out with a comic! The comic book will follow the Griffin's on a bunch of different crazy story lines and yes some of your other favorites like Cleveland and Quagmire will make appearances in the new Family Guy Comic. Look for the first to …
Zach Anner Is Back [Video]
You may remember Zach Anner from when he was robbed by Oprah.  Zach didn't let her bad decision affect his quest to get his own TV show though.  In fact he's been pretty busy, and luckily video taped most of it for us to watch below.
Kate Gosselin Doesn’t Like Sarah Palin
Sarah Palin has a show called "Saraha Palin's Alaska". Well on an episode or two Kate Gosselin and her family join the Palins... Yea not so good.  Checkout Jimmy Kimmel's take on it.. Peep