The Wackiest Angry Tweets About the Election
Maybe not everybody is not happy with the outcome of the presidential election yesterday. In fact, definitely everybody is not happy with it. These tweets are (very entertaining) proof of that. Please stop crying, Victoria Jackson, you'll ruin your mascara and get dehydrated. Enjoy!
Chris Brown Gets Cut In A Bar Brawl With Drake [Pics]
Rumors are flying around right now about a fight involving Drake and Chris Brown inside a NYC nightclub last night.
So far details are sketchy, and aside from a few tweets by Chris Brown (that he later deleted) and a picture of him with a cut on his chin, nobody can even confirm it happened.
Check out…
Fill In The Blank ‘I Always Wonder If _____’
As you all know I stay on twitter and another trending topic caught my eye, so I started tweeting.  I always have those moments when just sit back and random thoughts come to mind.  Well I just had one of those classic moments at work and wanted to share it with you...

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