2011 Told Through Twitter – Year in Review [Video]
So 2012 is finally the year you are going to better yourself, lose weight, makes moves and blah blah blah. Let's start the new year off right by ending the old one with a look back.
One final year end review for 2011 is here, this time it's a look back via Twitter. Some of the best Tweets o…
Rihanna Fires Back At Magazine For ‘Ni##aBi##h’ Headline
Rihanna was more than upset when she read the headline from an article about her in the Dutch magazine, 'Jackie'.
The story was instructing Dutch fans on how they can dress like 'RiRi' when they described her as the 'Ni##aBi##h'!
Check out what else they had to say, along…
Nicki Minaj + Cher Engage in Twitter Battle
Oh Twitter. You unite as much as you divide. The latest divas to engage in a war of the words confined to 140 characters are Nicki Minaj and Cher. To be fair, it wasn’t exactly Minaj and Cher directly exchanging words or verbal barbs. It was Minaj’s Barbs — her pet name for her fans — who started sp…
Eminem Interviews Yelawolf On Twitter
To celebrate his album "Radioactive" debut Eminem goes on twitter and interviews Yelawolf his self.  Eminem is pulling out all the guns to back his artist. Now go grab you a copy of the album, Yippy yellar....
Nicki Minaj + Ricky Martin Reveal Viva Glam Campaign Promo Shot
Nicki and Ricky — how cute!
Nicki Minaj and Ricky Martin both tweeted the new promo shot for their MAC Viva Glam campaign, which donates proceeds to the MAC AIDS fund. MAC is known for catering to all races, sexes and creeds and what better pairing than Minaj and Martin to take the reigns to pr…
Rihanna ‘Talk That Talk’ Official Track List
Rihanna hit her Facebook Monday to ask her fans if they were ready for 'Talk That Talk' coming out November 21st.  She also had a surprise as she leaked the official track list for the upcoming album.
Fans went "Cray" when they found out via Twitter that Jay Z would be the only featured rap…
Drake – ‘Take Care’ Album Leaks, Drake Responds
Drake's 'Take Care' album is being released to the public on November 15th, but rumors of a leak have been tearing up the Internet lately.
Tons of sites claim to have the official download, but most are just handing out old songs.
Check out one of the leaked title track 'Take Care&…
Lil Jon – ‘Get Low’ Covered By Jackson Foote [Video]
Lil Jon is rolling over in his grave, and he isn't even close to dead yet.
When Jackson Foote and friends put together their cover of 'Get Low' I'm pretty sure they didn't expect the reaction to be as big as its become.
It's a fine mix of cringe at the overbearing &qu…

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