Charlie Booker Exposes The News [Video]
Charlie Booker, from the BBC's Newswipe, asks the question, "Did you ever notice how all news reports seem the same?"  Then he goes on to answer that question better than anyone could have ever expected.  Check it out.
Rihanna Wants Fans To Choose Her Next Single!
Rihanna wants fans to choose the next single that she should release from her "Loud" album.  You can Tweet @Rihanna what you think her next single should be and she might just respond...see what she's said so far!
Wiz And Amber Rose Pics
A lot of people probably don't think there is anything wrong with Rapper Wiz Khalifa and Model Amber Rose "Dating", but I say otherwise...Kanye's Ex jumped right from one man to the next and NO man wants to see their ex all xoxo with someone else. New pics hit the web of Amber and Wiz and …
Facebook Vs. Twitter
Are you Team Facebook or Team Twitter? I use both, but more Facebook then anything...someone took the time to break it down by age, income, gender and more. Whatever happen to Tom from Myspace?? I bet his pissed, check out this crazy graph thing they put together and follow me @therealslacker
Lebron Looking Toward A New Career? [Video]
It seems like the lack of jewelry on Lebron's fingers isn't stopping him from focusing on everything but basketball.  Click below to find out about Lebron's new cartoon about  . . . wait for it . . .  LEBRON!  Starring Lebron as the three Lebrons!  Notice a th…
Omarion Likes Dudes?
Raz B's brother Ricky Romance has confessed that Omarion has been gay for a while but he has never come out of the closet.
Apparently back in 2009, O was dating a man who he took to a Ciara listening party.
Ricky Romance confirmed it in a Facebook conversation. See the Twitter posts here..
Toni Braxton Posing For Playboy?
Umm not sure how many people would like to see this, but I'm one of them LOL.
Toni Braxton is interested is getting "tastefully" naked for Playboy.
She even Tweeted about it! Check it out...
Jazmine Sullivan Announces A Break From Music!
R&B star Jazmine Sullivan shocked her fans by announcing on Twitter that she will be taking a break from music.
Jazmine said she needs to "figure out" who she is without a mic, paper or pen. The announcement also started rumors that the 23-year-old is likely going through…

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