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Grand Theft Auto V Trailer Looks Awesome! [Video]
Grand Theft Auto is probably one of the most popular video games series of all time and their getting ready to drop part 5 to the series! And it looks amazing!
Being a gamer myself and have had played every single Grand Theft Auto game it's amazing to see how this game went from being a Top down…
PETA Blasts Pokémon For Promoting Animal Abuse
While the critters of  Pokémon are animal-like, you can't actually find Pikachu and his buddies in earth's animal kingdom.
Which is why PETA's recent attack on the popular Nintendo characters has many people scratching their heads.
Watch Dogs Video Game Trailer From E3 [Video]
E3 is the biggest video game nerd orgy around a new game called 'Watch Dogs' is stealing the show.
Imagine Grand Theft Auto and Max Payne 3 had a baby and you would get something like this. Now I'm a huge gamer myself and I've never seen anything like this! Check out the trailer, …
A History Of Video Games Set To Video Game Sounds [Video]
Video games have become as nostalgic as music, pictures and life changing events.  What I mean is that you can pretty much place yourself in time by what video game you were playing.
Check out a quick history of all those games mashed together brilliantly.

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