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Grand Theft Auto V Trailer Looks Awesome! [Video]
Grand Theft Auto is probably one of the most popular video games series of all time and their getting ready to drop part 5 to the series! And it looks amazing!
Being a gamer myself and have had played every single Grand Theft Auto game it's amazing to see how this game went from being a Top down…
Watch Dogs Video Game Trailer From E3 [Video]
E3 is the biggest video game nerd orgy around a new game called 'Watch Dogs' is stealing the show.
Imagine Grand Theft Auto and Max Payne 3 had a baby and you would get something like this. Now I'm a huge gamer myself and I've never seen anything like this! Check out the trailer, …
A History Of Video Games Set To Video Game Sounds [Video]
Video games have become as nostalgic as music, pictures and life changing events.  What I mean is that you can pretty much place yourself in time by what video game you were playing.
Check out a quick history of all those games mashed together brilliantly.

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