DJ Khaled Interview With Ian [VIDEO]
DJ Khaled took time out of his busy schedule to call into Night Club 937 with Ian last night and talk about his new album "We The Best Forever" If you missed it, check out the video and see what Khaled had to say about Rick Ross, Lil Wayne, Welcome To My Hood and more!!
J. Cole Ft. Drake “In The Morning” Offical [VIDEO]
J. Cole is in the studio working hard on his first album and riding the wave of his latest mix tape "Friday Night Lights" In an interview last year K Dubb and I had a chance to ask Drake if he would ever work with Cole and his response was exactly what we thought it would be...YES! About s…
Wiz Going On A Green Carpet Tour
One of the biggest Rap stars out right now Wiz Khalifa will head out on an "Eco Friendly Campus Consciousness" Green Carpet Tour April 1st. That's just 3 days after dropping his first album "Rolling Papers" on March 29th. Check out a pre-grammy interview with…
Sororities Brawl At Michigan [Video]
I have no clue who The Alpha Phi and Tri-Delt sororities at Michigan are, but anytime a bunch of chicks fight and it's on video...I'm entertained!!! They were playing a game of broomball (which sounds/looks boring) at Winterfest and then all hells breaks loose...check out the girls go at i…
Katy Perry And Kanye New Hottness!!

Katy Perry and Kanye West....really? Katy is dropping her next single off "teenage Dream" and the remix is set to be the official single! The record is call "E.T" and Kanye is said to also make a cameo appearance in the video as well...check out the new fire on the Sunday Spotlig…
Eminem, Dr.Dre And Rihanna At The Grammy’s [Video]
If you haven't seen the best performance at the Grammy's...well your in luck! Not sure where you were last night, but Eminem, Dr.Dre and Rihanna made the Grammy's worth watching for that long. check out the performance here
Not A Great Name To Have [Video]
We all had fun prank calling stores when we were kids and saying stupid names, but in this was really his name!! Fort Wayne is mostly opposed to naming a new government building after the popular former mayor ... due to the suggestive pronunciation of his name. Check out the video and ho…
Homemade Snack…Don’t Watch This [Video]
Don't say I didn't warn you...the Title says "Don't Watch This" which means you will probably click read more and watch the video anyway! I don't want to hear an complaints when you are finished. Take a look lol
Dana Cravey Back On SNL [Video]
If your a huge Saturday Night Live fan from back in the day like myself then you enjoyed last weekend with Dana Cravey! He hooked back up with Mike Myers to do a "Wayne's World" skit and also brought back "Church Chat" If you had better things to do...lucky y…
Funny News Bloopers
If you are anything like me...well then you are a little over weight and have a huge red beard!! Anyways, I can't get enough of people messing up on live TV. Check out some of these bloopers and feel free to leave a comment or link to some or your favs...
Wanna Know Who Won The Super Bowl? [Video]
Can't wait until Sunday for the Big Game? You're in luck...I already know who is going to win, so place your bets now!! If you don't want the spoiler...then don't click ahead and watch the video lol

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