Rihanna Goes Country? [VIDEO]
I didn't plan of sitting thru 4 hours of country music on the Country Music Awards last night just to see my girl Rihanna, but I knew some over obsessed fan would put something on youtube Rih came out with some chick named Jennifer Nettles to sing "California King Bed" which just sounds bo…
Black Eyed Peas Poop [VIDEO]
I have no idea why I'm posting this...maybe just to meet my quota for the day, but you know the book for kids "Everybody Poops" Well here is the Black Eyed Peas Remix BayBee!!
How To Tell How Pretty A White Woman Is [VIDEO]
This is the first time I've caught Patrice O'Neal doing stand-up and I must say...I truly enjoy it! Watch a short clip of Patrice O'Neals special on Comedy Central called "Elephant In The Room" and what he says about white women
Nicki Minaj Gives Her Boss A Lap Dance [VIDEO]
I wouldn't recommend anyone giving their boss a lap dance in front of 20,000 people, but when your Nicki Minaj and you have a butt like that I'm sure they won't mind...not to mention it's Lil Wayne! Watch Nicki grind it out at the I am Music Tour
Snoop Dogg Has A New Drank [VIDEO]
Snoop Dogg may already have some problems with a new caffeinated alcohol drink that hasn't even come out yet! Snoop is promoting a new drink called "Blast" similar to "Four Loko" and they are already trying to get it banned a month before it hits stores. Blast has 12% alcohol and…
*New* Big Sean Ft. Chris Brown “My Last” [VIDEO]
Finally...(famous) boi a video from Detroit rapper Big Sean!! Sean released his official video with Chris Brown for his first single "My Last" I ran into Sean last week while at SXSW with Jon Connor and Sean said he couldn't wait for fans to see here you go!! NEW Big S…
Move Like Bernie! [VIDEO]
I know you remember the movie "Weekend At Bernie's" I just found out that there is a dance to it??? Where have I this 4 year old kid Move Like Bernie!
And You Thought You Were A Bad Parent! [VIDEO]
If you need a good laugh or someone once said you were a bad parent, please go to and you'll realize you probaly aren't that bad! See the front runner for worst parent EVER!!! God I'm glad I don't have kids
Keenan Cahill Is Back With The Ghostbusters! [VIDEO]
Damn I love this kid! I see he's doing more and more video's with celeb's...I wonder how I can get him out to Flint to do a video!! Check out the new Ghostbusters Theme Song for Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime Video.
Eminem: A Letter To Detroit [VIDEO]
I was just messing around on the internet, no not looking at porn...and came across this awesome video from Eminem called "A Letter To Detroit" It's video's like this that make me happy I'm from Michigan! Hope you like it, leave a comment and let me know what your th…

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