Eminem: A Letter To Detroit [VIDEO]
I was just messing around on the internet, no not looking at porn...and came across this awesome video from Eminem called "A Letter To Detroit" It's video's like this that make me happy I'm from Michigan! Hope you like it, leave a comment and let me know what your th…
Flint Ain’t So Bad After All! [VIDEO]
I'm sick of people talking so bad about the city they were born and raised in...FLINT, MICHIGAN!! I love the city and the people who make it what it is...this is evidence that stupid crap happens everywhere, even in California. A group of kids go in to this Mexican Restaurant for more than just…
Teach Me How To Brady [VIDEO]
This is just way to embarrassing, but I had to post the video! This more than shows that "White Guys" (not all) can't dance. Even though I love Tom Brady because he's a Wolverine...that is still no excuse for this nonsense!! Check out the video
1st Annual Crackhead Throwing Competition! [VIDEO]
It's exactly what it sounds like...First you find a crackhead that is willing to be picked up by a man. Second he has to let you throw him as far as humanly possible. Third you measure the distance and the furthest wins. Check out the home video lol
Shaq And Biggie Story [VIDEO]
I had no idea until last night when ESPN ran this story that Shaq and The Notorious B.I.G. were such good friends. Shaq even thinks that if he would've been at the party that night, things might have turned out different. This is a great story check out the video.
Jimmy Fallon’s Charlie Sheen Spoof [VIDEO]
I understand we are all sick of hearing about Charlie Sheen and everything he's done, but this is the last time I'll post something I PROMISE!!! Jimmy Fallon made this spoof commercial which aired on his Late Night Show. Check out out
Cool Rihanna Interview [VIDEO]
As you may or may not know by how much you visit my blog, but I have a pretty big obsession crush on Rihanna and this interview makes me love her even MORE! It just show's how normal and down to earth she really is...boobs, tattoos, her addiction and more check it out.
Kids Don’t Go To The Dentist [VIDEO]
You've probably seen the little kid talking all crazy after a visit at the dentist, now this video has popped up on the internet of a girl who seems to be pretty "wasted" after she got her wisdom teeth pulled. This is why I've only been to the dentist twice in my life, ch…
If Women Ruled The World [VIDEO]
I'm not sure exactly what "Beauty Pageant" this is from, but it definitely sets females back! The questions asked is great..."If women rules the world, what would be different" the answer, not so great! Watch the video
Nelly’s VH1 Behind The Music [VIDEO]
Nelly open's up in his VH1 Behind The Music which airs on March 7th. He talks about losing his sister Jackie to Leukemia and how his family took it.
Nelly says:
“She gets off the phone and she lays down and she’s gone. They said the only thing that kept her alive was that she wanted to talk to me be…

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