Rihanna Is Double Jointed in Amsterdam [Pics]
Rihanna ain't double fisting – she's double jointing. The singer flooded her Instagram feed with photos of her smoking two massive joints while in Amsterdam, the pot smoker's paradise, this weekend. We're sorry to report that she wasn't getting high while posing toples…
The Future Of Weed [Video]
A short documentary from the guys over at MotherboardTV shines some light on the future of every bodies favorite plant, Marijuana.
Hate it or love it. The acceptance of Marijuana is growing everywhere and this schedule one narcotic is taking over.
Does Marijuana Affect Your Driving? Let’s Find Out [Video]
I can't count the number of times that I've heard a weed smoker tell me that weed is much safer than alcohol, and that nobody has ever crashed because they were high.  A news station decided to put that theory to the test by getting drivers high, and letting them drive . . . for free!
Can Marijuana Cure Cancer? [Video]
A compound found in Marijuana has been shown to stop the metastasis of cancer cells. Two scientist have been working on this for 20 years and have just now found some positive results! Now just smoking mary-jane won't stop the spread of cancer, it needs to synthesized first and then concentrate…
Smoking Weed At A Young Age Makes You Dumb [Video]
A recently study on the world's most popular plant marijuana shows a significant drop in IQ for adolescents under the age of 18.
They study shows that the effects of marijuana can hinder the brain while it's going through important stages of development. So the lesson here kids, wait til yo…
Flint Man Finds Two Garbage Bags of Marijuana in Driveway
When you live in Flint, it's tough to be surprised by anything, but you have to assume the dude that came home to find two garbage bags full of pot in his driveway had to be a little shocked.  Check out the details and find out what the dude did with the weed.

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