Coming Soon: The Weed Vending Machine [Video]
A company called Dispense Labs unveiled the Autospense, an automated dispensary that looks just like a vending machine, but instead it sells medical marijuana. The company wants to make the drug as convenient and safe as possible.
The machine can be leased for $1,500 to $2,000 a month. So far, it&a…
Marijuana Can Help Cure Certain Forms Of Cancer [Video]
A recent study shows how Marijuana can help cure certain types of cancer. In some of the trails the cancer cells were completely destroyed.
Come on now. Even if Marijuana reduced the cancer by 1% it's worth looking into!
So many people are effected by cancer all over the world and if there's…
Antoine Dodson Busted For Weed
YouTube sensation and...well that's it, just YouTube sensation Antoine Dodson was busted for weed over the weekend when he was pulled over for speeding. You would think that Dodson would take his own advice and "Hide ya weed, hide ya drugs" but that obviously wasn't the case! We have the m…
Best Weed Songs For 4-20
Today is 4-20, and as any avid weed smoker will tell you, its a national holiday.  Government buildings will still be open, and your bank will too, but don't be surprised to see some of the people that work there huddled out back.  In honor of 4-20 lets put together a list of some of the best songs …
Ross Jailed For Weed! [Article]
Rick Ross is on tour right now with Lil Wayne and Nicki... He got arrested at a recent show... Will that effect him here this Saturday?
Wiz Khalifa “Roll Up” New Video
Wiz has definitely made people stand up and take notice over the past year.  From Black and Yellow to his relationship with Amber Rose he can't stay out of the news.  The new track Roll Up is dope and the video was just released, check it out!
Flint Says No More Medical Marijuana
The laws surrounding medical marijuana have become as cloudy as the cars that their owners drive around in.  Now it looks like Flint has decided to take a brief timeout to figure things out.
Cameron Diaz Bought Weed From Snoop?
Damn Cameron Diaz is old...she bought marijuana from Snoop Dogg in high school! The actress and rapper attended the same high school in Long Beach, CA.  She says he was a year older than her and he was tall, skinny and wore lots of ponytails...

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